Outfits of the Week: #2

Yes, alright, these are actually from the week before last rather than the week we’re at the end of now. This week’s photos arrive anon.


This backless tunic thing is from Yours, predictably enough, as are the belt and leggings; isn’t everything. It’s omonday1ne of my stalwarts – something I wear when I’m not sure what to wear, something that pretty much always looks good. I bought my lovely Avengers earrings from a stall in the Dealer’s Hall at Eastercon this year, and the pendant was a Christmas gift from my mother. It’s a mobius strip, and the text reads “amonday2ll shall be well and all shall be well” – the famous quote, of course, from Julian of Norwich. She gave it to me as it was something my father used to say to her a lot. I’m very fond of it.


Yeah, so I’ll give you one guess where this dress and shrug are from! I’m very fond of thtuesday2is dress – it’s not qtuesday1uite the sort of thing I own a lot of, which makes it good for a change, and its pocket game it on point. I do so like me some pockets. The earrings are green amber from John Lewis; the pendant comes from a crystal shop in Glastonbury, and has a lovely feel to it.


Wednesday was not a gwednesday1ood day. I was pretty bonkers for most of it, and apparently I couldn’t quite summon my photo-face. The less said of it the better, perhaps! This is a Yours outfit I wear when I feel like that and it’s hot; my hematite jewellery requires no thought and goes with everything, and these tunics (I own one in purple as well) are generically flattering with little effort.


thursday2And then on Thursday I felt much better, I was headed to Cambridge for the day, and the eighties happened. Horizontal stripes! Avengers earrings! Bright red lips! This dress (or whatever you call it) was originally from Next, but I actually inherited it from my mother – who bought it for herself and then decided she didn’t like it so much after all.

A special shout-out goes to this excellent matte lipstick, which thursday1is Redrum from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I didn’t actually realise till I went to fetch that link that there’s a whole line now – when he first launched the brand there were only three shades, all of which I own: Redrum, Prom Night and I’m Royalty. I’m going to have to pick up some of the others. Blue Velvet, Unicorn Blood and Weirdo all need to find a place in my life, I suspect.

Forgive the crappy-looking wet hair; I was running late.


Confession: friday1I actually really love this silly photo (god, I’m such a poser) and I really enjoyed this look. I bought this dress from Yours for Easter (I always dress up a bit deliberately for Easter, it’s a thing I do) and it started me off on a bit of a springtime florals kick that mostly hasn’t survived into summer, but this I like. Muted vintage pastels that co-ordinate with my Zippo! I’m easily pleased.friday2

The particularly excellent pendant is from Sugar and Vice, and the quote is – of course – from The Craft. What can I say – it is the song of my people.

No weekend photos, for – oh, reasons – but there’s a whole ‘nother weeks worth that I’m about to sort out.


Outfits of the Week: #1

When I look in the mirror without my face on I barely recognise myself; I don’t know who she is, but she isn’t me. She’s a quiet, unassuming woman with bland features who could melt away into a crowd. I never wanted that, and I go to an amount of trouble not to have to put up with it. I always feel like I should look the same on the outside as I do on the inside. I take a similar approach to interior design: I’m currently in the process of renovating the place I intend to live for at least the foreseeable future and perhaps for the rest of my life, about which more later.

I am not some paragon of body positivity. I have my quirks and my foibles; there are things I don’t like about myself, things that make me uncomfortable, things that I go to great efforts to change or conceal. All the same, though, I know how to put a face and an outfit together and I wouldn’t want to look like anyone else. I’ve lost some weight recently, and it’s always strange when people give awkward compliments: “Gosh, you’ve really lost weight! You look amazing!”

Bitch, I always looked amazing.

This is sort of an experiment. I wanted to share some of what clothes and makeup and jewellery mean for me, and the best way to do that seemed to be to spend a few weeks making posts like this. I’m not going to do it indefinitely – it would get monotonous for you all after a while – but I thought I’d try for a bit.


2015 - 1Thursday was one of those lovely days that felt summery without being too hot, which is definitely my preferred mode of summer. The skirt is new – this was the first time I’d worn it – and comes from Yours Clothing, the company that accounts for about 86% of everything I’ve been wearing recently. The top I’ve had for about a million years, and was a hand-me-down from my old boss back when I used to work in Cambridge when I was eighteen or so. The shirt was inherited from my ex-mother-out-law, back when I used to live in Edinburgh.

Not clearly pictured are my trusty FitFlop mary-janes, without whom nothing, and my customary huge tangle of jewellery. I had my hematite pendant and earrings on, both from a little jeweller’s in Glastonbury, and all my usual rings and bracelets – they probably merit a post of their own sometime, actually, as they have a reasonable amount of personal significance.


IMG_20150710_11591610th july 2015 - full body daytimeI’m experimenting with how I want to do these photos – it’ll probably take me a couple of posts to get it right. I went out on Friday night, which of course meant two outfits and two faces. During the day I wore my lovely witchy tunic top from Domino Dollhouse, who I wholeheartedly recommend for gorgeous, interesting plus-size clothes with good customer service. I’ve also got on one of my many pairs of Yours leggings (I told you Yours would be a theme here) and another of my many pairs of FitFlops. I’m a creature of habit, really. I’m never sure how good I look with my hair up, but if I wash it in the morning and let it dry like that all day it’s a lot easier to get some decent volume into it for going out in the evening.

I tried and tried to get photographs of my Friday night outfit that did justice to howfridaynightface incredible my cleavage fridaynightbodylooked, but I failed miserably. It was, indeed, an unjustifiable cleavage. The dress and belt are both yet more Yours acquisitions; the unpictured shoes are the black patent FitFlop ballerinas I wear when I’m going out but don’t want to be in heels. The earrings are from Glastonbury, and the necklace was a Christmas present from a friend a couple of years back. Much credit goes to this fabulous bra, which was part of my recent Debenhams bra haul – I’ve felt a million times better in everything I’ve worn since I got them!

This outfit, incidentally, was in aid of the first installment of the new Late Night Library Club, who hosted an event inspired by Tipping the Velvet in a National Trust house in Hackney. It was a good night, helped along by far too many delicious gin and elderflower cocktails.


weddingbodyBelieve it or not, on Saturday I wore neither anything from Yours nor a pair of FitFlops. I know, right? I was at an excellent wedding, having a marvelous time despite being somewhat overdressed for the weather. This dress was from Evans, and was aided and abetted in making me look a bit like Morticia by the most industrial underwear known to womankind, which…I did buy from Yours, actually, but it’s by Maidenform. I’m sad that I failed to get a photo of my incredible shoes, which are from Red Or Dead and look like high-heeled liquorice allsorts with bows on. I found the cat-eye sunglasses in Spitalfields Market last summer, because why the hell not.weddingfdace

I take a pretty consistent approach to special event makeup, which is roughly speaking “stand in front of a mirror trowelling M.A.C over my face until it starts to feel a bit funny”. It generally pays off, though – I still looked pretty much like that at 3am!


To finish up the week, here I am in my hotel room the morning after the wedding just before meeting the bride, groom and assorted friends who were also still in town for a lovely sociable brunch. Dress and leggings by Yours, mary-janes by FitFlop, hangover by Bombay Sapphire.

One of the things I’ve noticed while putting this post together is quite how much chronicling what I wear is the same thing for me as chronicling what I do. My clothes are a crucial part of the way I live my life; I put thought into every outfit, even on days when it’s just me and the cats drifting around an empty house. This probably makes me godawfully vain, of course, but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot over the past year as I’ve had the opportunity to expand my wardrobe a bit and experiment with a few new looks. There’s probably some feminist theory in here somewhere.