Outfits of the Week: #2

Yes, alright, these are actually from the week before last rather than the week we’re at the end of now. This week’s photos arrive anon.


This backless tunic thing is from Yours, predictably enough, as are the belt and leggings; isn’t everything. It’s omonday1ne of my stalwarts – something I wear when I’m not sure what to wear, something that pretty much always looks good. I bought my lovely Avengers earrings from a stall in the Dealer’s Hall at Eastercon this year, and the pendant was a Christmas gift from my mother. It’s a mobius strip, and the text reads “amonday2ll shall be well and all shall be well” – the famous quote, of course, from Julian of Norwich. She gave it to me as it was something my father used to say to her a lot. I’m very fond of it.


Yeah, so I’ll give you one guess where this dress and shrug are from! I’m very fond of thtuesday2is dress – it’s not qtuesday1uite the sort of thing I own a lot of, which makes it good for a change, and its pocket game it on point. I do so like me some pockets. The earrings are green amber from John Lewis; the pendant comes from a crystal shop in Glastonbury, and has a lovely feel to it.


Wednesday was not a gwednesday1ood day. I was pretty bonkers for most of it, and apparently I couldn’t quite summon my photo-face. The less said of it the better, perhaps! This is a Yours outfit I wear when I feel like that and it’s hot; my hematite jewellery requires no thought and goes with everything, and these tunics (I own one in purple as well) are generically flattering with little effort.


thursday2And then on Thursday I felt much better, I was headed to Cambridge for the day, and the eighties happened. Horizontal stripes! Avengers earrings! Bright red lips! This dress (or whatever you call it) was originally from Next, but I actually inherited it from my mother – who bought it for herself and then decided she didn’t like it so much after all.

A special shout-out goes to this excellent matte lipstick, which thursday1is Redrum from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I didn’t actually realise till I went to fetch that link that there’s a whole line now – when he first launched the brand there were only three shades, all of which I own: Redrum, Prom Night and I’m Royalty. I’m going to have to pick up some of the others. Blue Velvet, Unicorn Blood and Weirdo all need to find a place in my life, I suspect.

Forgive the crappy-looking wet hair; I was running late.


Confession: friday1I actually really love this silly photo (god, I’m such a poser) and I really enjoyed this look. I bought this dress from Yours for Easter (I always dress up a bit deliberately for Easter, it’s a thing I do) and it started me off on a bit of a springtime florals kick that mostly hasn’t survived into summer, but this I like. Muted vintage pastels that co-ordinate with my Zippo! I’m easily pleased.friday2

The particularly excellent pendant is from Sugar and Vice, and the quote is – of course – from The Craft. What can I say – it is the song of my people.

No weekend photos, for – oh, reasons – but there’s a whole ‘nother weeks worth that I’m about to sort out.


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